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Are You Ready to Connect To Your Higher Self?

Principles of the Metaphysical Counseling & Wellness Program

Welcome to a way of living that can result in more love, income, success, fulfillment, creativity and awareness!

Prosperity is a state of mind in which one experiences happiness and peace within and about oneself. Prosperity includes love, health and happiness. Experiencing one of these elements without the others is not true prosperity.

To have a mental attitude that manifests prosperity, we should think of ourselves as a being prosperous in peace, love, wisdom, health, etc. Only then does the mind completely accept the abundance that life has to offer.

Along with being a state of mind, prosperity is also a STATE OF SOUL.

Knowing, through meditation, that GOD IS TRULY WITHIN YOU as the central core of your being produces the greatest positive attitude of mind for achieving prosperity. You know that you have the intelligence and wisdom of the entire universe working within and through you, as you attract and maintain prosperity.

In metaphysical counseling, considerable emphasis is placed on the individual's CONSCIOUS MENTAL ATTITUDE. The quickest way to rid yourself of negativity is to work through conscious and subconscious blockages through a personalized wellness plan that focuses on mental healing. As you proceed through your sessions, you will start to become aware of the following:

  •  You  have  an  intuitive  feeling  that  you  are  more  in  control  of  conditions  rather than having conditions control you

  • You notice more optimism about yourself and your life

  • Your thinking is more flexible and adaptable to daily circumstances

  • You have a more positive attitude in reaction to daily events

  • You notice an improvement in relations with co-workers, friends and family

  • People  seem  more  drawn to you

  • Increasingly,  you  become  intuitively  aware  of  the  real  motivations  of  others

  • You  have  an  increased  sense  that  your  mind  and  thoughts  are  more  creative,  you  discover  ways  of  doing  things and that move your life forward

  • More  opportunities,  both  personal  and  financial,  become  available  to  you 

Click on a session below to learn how to synthesize the spiritual trinity of mind, body and soul to guide you to your true purpose and become A WALKING MANIFESTATION OF CONTINUAL POSITIVE SUCCESS IN YOUR LIFE!



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